Who We Are

We focus on stories about real people facing real issues in real relationships.

A London-based collective delivering naturalistic plays with humour, pathos and a contemporary perspective, Paper Mug Theatre has scored big with both audiences and critics alike - our work has been awarded China Plate's Pick of Pulse Festival, the King’s Head Stella Wilkie Award 2019, as well as being featured on The List's top ten theatre picks and shortlisted for the Sit-Up Award.

All three are trained actors, writers, directors, musicians and producers, happy to jump into any role and make our stories worth telling.

Sebastian Gardner, writer of 'I Lost My Virginity to Chopin's Nocturne in B-Flat Minor' has never yet failed to drink three cups of coffee before 10am.  

Credits include: Pits   (Underbelly) Pulse 

Festival (New Wolsey Theatre), Five:Eight (Bernie Grant Arts Centre), Splinter (King's Head Theatre) 

Rory Thomas-Howes, writer of 'A Partnership,' happy with a strong builder's tea and a dash of soy milk. Credits include: Hair of the Dog (Tristan Bates Theatre), Sam Wanamaker Festival (Shakespeare's Globe), Five:Eight (Bernie Grant Arts Centre), Sisters/For Sale (European Tour), Humble Pie (Camden Fringe) 

Josh Tucker, director of 'A Partnership,' avid fan of any tea from an endangered rainforest you've probably never heard of. Josh is also an actor and a musician.

Credits include: Drip 

(National Tour), The Dip 

(Bunker Theatre/Edinburgh Festival), Five:Eight (Bernie Grant Arts Centre), Witch, Witch, Witch (Camden People’s Theatre).