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in collaboration with SUPERGLUE ASSEMBLY LINE

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Feed mash to your little brother and kill the dead until they die.


In this throat-ripping zombie cage fight, Tobias hates mash and Steve hates Tobias, but when they discover their mom to be patient zero in a world of flesh-eating zombies, there’s no time left for “feelings”. Pitting the depths of horror against the hysterical instability of family we watch brothers torn apart get pieced back together, only to be torn apart all over again while mom digests a never-ending breakfast.


Steve and Tobias Versus Death is a comedy about two brothers trapped in their living room during a zombie apocalypse. Under-pinned by a deep sense of tragedy and fuelled by meticulously choreographed fights, we follow two brothers as they care for their infected mother, fend off the incoming zombies, and mend their fractured relationship.


Improvised comedy and a superbly written post-modern backdrop collide to tell the nightmare story of an absentee father, a bed-ridden mother, and a zombie apocalypse bursting through the door.

After early developments at Launch Festival in 2019, Steve and Tobias Versus Death was first previewed at Pleasance Theatre Islington in March 2022, later transferring to Edinburgh Festival Fringe. In October 2023 the play premiered at Sheffield Theatre in the Tanya Moiseiwitsch Playhouse.


In June 2023 the first international transfer of Steve and Tobias Versus Death was produced by The Adapter Theatre in Busan, South Korea for a three-month run.

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